indirect surface

indirect surface
вторичная поверхность теплообмена

Англо-русский строительный словарь. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1995.

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  • Indirect fire — means aiming and firing a projectile in a high trajectory without relying on a direct line of sight between the gun and its target, as in the case of direct fire. Aiming is performed by calculating azimuth and elevation angles, and may include… …   Wikipedia

  • Indirect DNA damage — occurs when a UV photon is absorbed in the human skin by a chromophore that does not have the ability to convert the energy into harmless heat very quickly. Molecules which do not have this ability have a long lived excited state. This long… …   Wikipedia

  • Indirect bandgap — In semiconductor physics, an indirect bandgap is a bandgap in which the minimum energy in the conduction band is shifted by a k vector relative to the valence band. The k vector difference represents a difference in momentum.Semiconductors that… …   Wikipedia

  • Surface diffusion — [ adatom diffusing across a square surface lattice. Note the frequency of vibration of the adatom is greater than the jump rate to nearby sites. Also, the model displays examples of both nearest neighbor jumps (straight) and next nearest neighbor …   Wikipedia

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  • indirect hemagglutination — passive hemagglutination agglutination of erythrocytes due to the reaction of specific antibody with antigen passively adsorbed on the surface or chemically coupled to the cells; the basis of many serologic tests …   Medical dictionary

  • indirect rays — rays formed at the surface of the glass of the cathode ray tube …   Medical dictionary

  • Coup franc indirect — Loi 13 du football : coup franc Loi 13 du football : coup franc : diverses considérations relatives à cette loi. Au football, les lois du football est le nom donné aux règles du jeu du football. Elles sont décidées au niveau de l… …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Ocean surface wave — Ocean surface waves are surface waves that occur on the free surface of the ocean. They usually result from wind, and are also referred to as wind waves. Some waves can travel thousands of miles before reaching land. They range in size from small …   Wikipedia

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